WP1: Spectrum and Forward-Compatibility Aspects for multi-GHz NR operation

  1. Main objectives
    1. State-of-the-art assessment of NR and acquisition of methodological tools focusing on mmWave communications, NOMA waveforms and massive/distributed MIMO.
    2. Design of 5G and beyond transmission techniques:
    3. Performance evaluation and experimentation.
  2. WP1 leader: NI



WP2: MEC/RAN integration and MEC-empowered enhancements

  1. Main objectives
    1. State-of-the-art on MEC/RAN convergence and MEC services.
    2. Development of prediction tools and strategies for MEC-empowered service provisioning, with special focus on:
    3. Performance analysis and evaluation of the MEC enhancements.
  2. WP2 Leader: POLITO


WP3: Optimizations for integrated access/X-haul and end-to-end slicing

  1. Main objectives
    1. State-of-the-art on Integrate Access and Backhaul (IAB), end-to-end slicing and traffic steering.
    2. Methodological frameworks for IAB and end-to-end slicing. Propose:
    3. Performance analysis and evaluation of WP3 solutions
  2. WP3 Leader: IQU


WP4: Data-driven network control and automation

  1. Main objectives
    1. State-of-the-art on network control and automation tools for RAN/core network management and sharing.
    2. Data-driven 5G NR parametrization, inter-slice control and SFC placement. Design of a novel data-driven algorithmic framework, which combines machine-learning methods and model-based optimization, for better predict resource consumption and performance in dynamic networks, towards:
    3. Performance and experimental evaluation the proposed solutions in WP4.
  2. WP4 Leader: EUR


WP5: Training

  1. Main objectives: Coordination of the training platforms and tools of SEMANTIC and organization of training events, courses, seminars and schools.
  2. WP5 Leader: CLM




WP6: Project Management

  1. Main objectives: Manage the implementation of the project.
  2. Leader: CTTC


WP7: Dissemination, Communication and Standardization


  1. Objectives: Disseminate scientific results, communicate the project to the general audience, contribute to standards and collaborate with other EU projects.
  2. Leader: NOKIA

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